Dr. Ed Merrill's research interests:

-cognitive development
-developmental disabilities
-down syndrome and language
-down syndrome and wayfinding
-implicit cognition and decision making
Dr. Fran Conners' research interests are in language and cognition in individuals with intellectual disabilities. Dr. Conners looks for areas of strength as well as areas of specific weakness, how they impact higher-level cognitive/language function, and what implications there are for intervention. Her focus areas are in implicit processing, working memory, and reading.
Dr. Marie Channell's research focuses on the development of language, cognition, and social-emotional skills in individuals with Down syndrome or other neurodevelopmental disorders associated with intellectual disability (e.g., fragile X syndrome; autism spectrum disorder), particularly during middle childhood and adolescence. Her questions are framed by how skills in these domains work together to influence everyday communication in individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders.