Dr. Fran Conners is a professor in UA Psychology Department. She earned her PhD in psychology at Case Western Reserve University, specializing in intellectual disabilities research. Dr. Conners established the UAIDPR over 10 years ago to support her lab's research, to provide a resource to other researchers, and to provide a way for individuals with intellectual disabilities to contribute to research. Her main research interests are in language and cognition in individuals with ID, especially those with Down syndrome. Besides doing research, Dr. Conners teaches courses in research methods and intellectual disabilities. For more information on Dr. Conners' work visit her lab website at
Registry Assistants 
Kara Acosta is a senior from Atlanta, GA. She is double majoring in Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies with a Concentration in Adolescent Youth Development. A fun fact about Kara is that she has worked at a toy store in downtown Northport, and in her free time she likes to play video games and watch cheesy K-dramas with her roommates.
Andrea Nicastro is a junior from Pell City, Alabama. She is majoring in psychology with a minor in biology on the pre-health track. A fun fact about Andrea is that she has lived in a lake town her whole life, and has gotten into the lake-spirit the past few years. In her free time she enjoys riding a jet ski, boat days, and going to the beach.
Victoria "Tori" Smitherman is a senior from Mobile, AL, double majoring in Psychology and German. She is interested in becoming a psychologist, working with adult clients. In addition to her studies, Tori works at DCH hospital in Tuscaloosa part time. In her free time, Tori loves hanging out with her 2 wonderful cats and playing video games.